Still cooking

Just to say its nearly 8 years now of cooking with my Thermomix, and 4 1/2 with my Hot Mix pro.

still loving this easy way of cooking, and using my machines.

Back soon

I have been cooking heaps and will be posting more recipes next week.


Christmas Cooking

Jude made my Cakes, puddings all ready for the festive season. Sorbets take about 2 minutes, and what a great treat for the kids after school.

Will post more of what I am up too soon.



Back into cooking

I have been sick, so not doing as much,  Now I feel so much better, and back into baking. photo

New Products

As you know I have a Thermomix and A Hot Mix Pro, and alot of other machines on my kitchen bench.

Both machines are good. I do prefer the Hot Mix pro, as the temps are higher. I am going to do a full review of these, and the new TM5 in the next 2 weeks,and post it,  so feel free to send me questions.

I will do my best to answer them.


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Hot Mix Pro

Seems to be more people asking about the Hot Mix pro.

I love mine, I have a Thermomix too.

If anyone is interested in more info on the Hot Mix pro, contact me, and I will send  some info to you.

The more I am using it, the more I like it.


Kids cooking

Kids have started to cook, I must teach them how to in the Thermomix  and hot Mix pro

Brownies piklets